I am loving The Essential Spray. I had just finished mopping my wooden floors and of course dropped something sticky on the kitchen floor. I grabbed The Essential Spray and sprayed the floor and wiped with paper towel. Wow! One spot lead to me doing the whole kitchen floor by hand. Marks I thought were timber marks were dirt. Wish I took a photo. I've now bought some Magic Paste and looking forward to the results!

Further to my previous post I used the Magic Paste for my bathroom. I’m just sorry I didn't get a before photo. I’ve been trying since forever to clean the buildup around taps and the Magic Paste actually cleaned it. I’ve scrubbed with bleach and other cleaning products and it didn’t put a dint in it. You can still see a little behind the tap but OMG it's so clean. Loving these products.


So I've discovered that your new Window Cleaner also cleans stainless steel better than any other product I've used; mirrors and glass look awesome too! Thanks Kel.


I have tried the cleaning products. Thanks Kelly. They are brilliant. Even my cat loves the Mould Cleaner. She wanted to get in the shower and stay there. Wow!!

Michelle, who used The Essential Spray combined with The Magic Paste to clean up toddler mess

This bloody stickers that get stuck on your tiles... The Essential Spray, soak for 30 seconds- scrape a bit with fingernails then Magic Paste- off straight away and no sticky residue.
Paint that has been on my counter for weeks... The Essential Spray first then Magic Paste- straight off!!!