Hi, my name is Kelly

I was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2007 and it came as a complete shock; I was 30, newly married and working as a social worker in a busy government department.

It took me a really long time to recover… I spent months in hospital; I developed serious infections and bacterial meningitis.

I had to rebuild my body and I had to lead a healthier life… a life with good food, exercise, essential oils, being mindful and grateful and it got me thinking about how I can reduce toxins in my life so I started with making all my cleaning products using natural ingredients.

So The Essential Cleaner was born… natural cleaning products to clean my home that are safe for me, my family and the environment.

I couldn’t find good quality natural cleaning products.  The products I purchased claimed to be ‘natural’ but I found when I used them they still irritated my skin and lungs.

I used to suffer with asthma, allergies and the skin condition dermatitis which were all brought on by how I was cleaning my home.

My lightbulb moment came when I was cleaning my shower with bleach (eek!) and I almost passed out from dizziness. I had an asthma attack and even though I was wearing gloves my hands were red raw with dermatitis.

I knew there had to be a better way!

I did a whole lot of research about which essential oil to use for which cleaning job and my good friend introduced me to the amazing doTERRA essential oils… beautiful oils made by nature and perfect for cleaning our home because they are natural! Their aroma is amazing and they really clean.

I hope you enjoy The Essential Cleaner products as much as I do!

Kelly Reeves - The Essential Cleaner