The Essential Shower Cleaner

Our Shower Cleaner is so popular because it is 100% natural and it leaves your shower sparkling clean! 

No more toxic chemicals to clean your shower.

Certified Organic Lemon Essential Oil and all-natural ingredients cuts through soap scum to leave your shower so clean.

Lemon Essential Oil is a fantastic antiseptic, is antibacterial and antiviral so is perfect for cleaning your shower NATURALLY.


Spray The Essential Shower Cleaner onto a wet shower and using a scourer clean your entire shower.  Rinse with hot water. 

Use a squeegy or microfibre cloth to rinse off any remaining water. 

It ACTUALLY gets rid of soap scum!

Safe to use on tiles, glass and all surfaces in your shower. 

Please be careful when cleaning as your shower may become slippery.


Filtered Water

Pure Unscented Castile Soap

Certified Organic Lemon Essential Oil

The Essential Shower Cleaner comes in a 500ml recyclable bottle. 

Refills are available for purchase

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