What our lovely customers say about our beautiful range of Eco, Organic, Natural and Chemical-Free Cleaning, Body and Sleep Products

I've started using The Essential Sleep Balm for my 7 year old daughter and she has NEVER SLEPT BETTER! I massage it into her feet every single night and she is no longer cranky in the mornings and no longer complains of nightmares or broken sleep.  I will be buying more!  Absolutely wonderful product!! -Kodie
I've recently started using The Face Cream. I have really sensitive skin and I'm really happy with this product.  My skin feels great and I love the smell. -Sandy
I love The Face Cream.  My hubby was away for work and came back and asked if I'd had botox or something done to my face because I look younger.  Woo hoo! -Marie
I am in love with The Essential Face Cream, it is seriously the best face cream I've ever used! - Jane
I am totally in love with The Essential Face Cream.  My skin is glowing! - Erin 
I love The Essential Toilet Cleaning Fizzies!  I have teenage boys and my toilets get really dirty but the fizzies get my loos so clean.  They are the best thing I have ever used to clean my loo. - Louise

I just love The Essential Cleaner products, in particular The Essential Shower Cleaner, The Essential Glass Cleaner and The Essential Spray.  They all work really well and smell amazing. As an asthma and allergy sufferer it is nice not to have to deal with the overpowering effects of ammonia! - Sarah


The cleaning products are effective and smell amazing! I almost enjoy cleaning now... The Body Products are wonderful; I particularly love The Face Cream and The Body Cream and feel luxurious on my skin. I also love the Lip Balm and The Dry Skin Balm - Kym
I bought The Essential Spray and The Oven Cleaner and I love them!  I've cleaned my bedroom and ensuite and it smells so good! My kitchen smells so fresh and clean.  I need more! - Manda
I used The Essential Magic Paste to clean our bathroom basin.  The stains were so old and I've tried everything to get them off.  The Paste got them right off! I wish I'd taken a photo! - Leila
You will not believe what just happened to my shower! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these products especially since the only way I can get any cleaning done is with my 3 month old in the room and now there's no need to worry about fumes or nasty chemicals. 10/10!  I will be recommending to all of my friends! - Rachelle
I've been using the whole range for a while now and love everything about them.  They are natural, work well and smell great. I particularly love the Deodorant, Oven Cleaner and The Essential Spray. I highly recommend all The Essential Cleaner products. - Marilyn
I love the Natural Perfume plus The Essential Spray.  I love that I can refill my bottle. - Alisa
I love The Essential Deodorant Paste. It smells great and works all day. - Michelle